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Retro Arcade Bar | Coming to Bournemouth in 2018


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Rampage Stomps In

The second cab from our five-cab delivery is a Rampage – the much loved playable Chewits advert, where you erm... rampage around a city skyline as either a giant gorilla (named George), a giant lizard named (Lizzy) or a giant wolf (quite obviously named Ralph).

Our Rampage came unseen from the same collector we bought the Asteroids from - he'd offered us a deal for these two cabs, plus a mystery Jamma cab thrown-in for free. Now, this might sound risky, but we've learnt that most collectors in the retro arcade community are thoroughly decent folks – and this chap had been very upfront about the condition of the cabs – they were all barn-finds, rough round the edges and should be assumed non-working.

Condition-wise, the Rampage is the kind of cab it's quite fun to work on. Definitely tatty, but sound and relatively undamaged. The worst looking part is definitely the control panel. Pitted with rust, there's absolutely no sign of the original gorgeous overlay. We also noted that the joysticks weren't original.


The control panel is nothing more than a blank sheet of rusty metal

And the giant blue joysticks definitely aren't standard

The new joysticks and missing artwork suggest that somebody had started some restoration work some years ago. Good replacements of both are pretty easy to get hold of (and we've already put the order in), and with a little stand-blasting and powder-coating, that control panel will clean-up beautifully, ready for the new art.

Up top, both the bezel and the marquee are faded, but in otherwise good condition. This always begs the question: are we going to replace them, or keep the originals? We'll leave them as is for now, and see how we feel once the rest of the cab is tidied-up.

The marquee art is faded, and oddly bubbled, but otherwise in pretty good condition

The only other area of cosmetic concern is the coin door, which has definitely seen better days. Not only have the chrome parts corroded pretty badly, but it's had locks fitted, holes drilled and slots blocked. We'll do our best to clean it up, before we decide if we need to source a replacement.

Nails jammed down slots, and locks riveted on – this will take some work