Zaps: Retro Arcade Bar
Retro Arcade Bar | Coming to Bournemouth in 2018


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Finally, Magical Sound Shower

Turns out, getting an Outrun isn't easy. Interest in Sega's seminal racer has recently shot-up amongst the retro arcade game collecting community, and so have the prices – in some cases almost doubling in the last 18 months.

The machine we've finally bagged is the smaller mini cabinet, shipping from the States via an awesome service offered on the UKVac collectors forum – we'll dedicate a post to the hard work of Ken and James soon.

The cabinet looks in great condition, and more importantly – it's fully working. That means we can play it the day it lands at Zaps HQ, rather than shuffling it to the back of the try-and-figure-out-what's-wrong queue.


This isn't just an Outrun.

It's our Outrun.

Ross Andrews