Zaps: Retro Arcade Bar
Retro Arcade Bar | Coming to Bournemouth in 2018


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It's All In The Planning.

At the time of writing our Licensing and Planning applications for Zaps are currently with the local council and are waiting review. Seeing as the plans within the application itself are available for public viewing we thought it would be good to walk you through some of the layout so you can see what we have planned. 

It's worth noting that this is very much in the draft stage, anything could change and the machines shown are for illustration purposes only. We don't actually own any Defender or Tempest cabs (at least not yet anyway).

We have a long rectangular space to work with. Along with the twenty or so arcade machines that we're looking to have onsite we also need to make room for a service area that will give us space to serve coffee during the day and craft beers from the afternoon onwards. Then we need to place seating, a prep/storage area and two toilets (one accessible for disabled customers). Currently there is a large wall situated approximately two thirds towards the back of the property that we are planning on knocking down. Once this is done it will reveal a large rear window. We want Zaps to feel bright and welcoming rather than dark and closed off, revealing that rear window will really open up the space a lot more. We'll then zone the majority of the cabs in this rear half of the building to create an 'arcade alley'. Also at the rear of the building will be the access to the disabled toilet and stairs that lead down to the basement where a second toilet will be situated. For now the rest of the basement will be purely storage, we want to make sure we get the ground floor absolutely perfect before we start thinking about setting anything up in the basement. 

The front half of Zaps is more about the drinks and food service. We want people to be able to drop in to grab a quick coffee whilst on the go or have a sit down and soak up the atmosphere if that's what they’re after. We'll have a few tables and chairs and there will be stool seating along the front window. Amongst the seating arrangements there's still some gaming to be had. As you walk through the front door the first thing you'll see is a classic arcade machine that will be set back into the service area (Pac-Man is looking like an early favourite for this slot). We're planning on having a cab in the front window so it can be seen by passers by on the street. We will place a couple of cocktail machines along the wall opposite the service area. These are essentially tables with a monitor and an arcade game installed inside it. You can sit down at these with a friend and challenge each other to a game over a couple of beers. Having tried this ourselves we feel this is where the Zaps experience will come into its own. We'll also install a couple of screens above the bar that will display menus, token prices and also those all important high scores. 

So that's the tour. We're really looking forward to putting it all together. 

Paul Carr