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Retro Arcade Bar | Coming to Bournemouth in 2018


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Arcade Engineers & Enthusiasts Wanted

There are a couple of types of arcade enthusiast. Those that are experts at playing the games – and we can't wait to meet you all once we're up and open – and those that are just as enthusiastic about opening the games up and working on the PCBs, power supplies and monitors that drive the games themselves. It's you that we'd love to meet-up with now!

We're on the look-out for arcade enthusiasts to work with us on diagnosing, repairing and supporting our collection of over thirty original arcade games from the seventies, eighties and early nineties. Games like Atari's Star Wars & Asteroids, Sega Rally and Namco's Point Blank. You can see the whole collection here.

If you've worked on machines like these in the past, either professionally or in your own collection, and are in easy travelling distance of Bournemouth, we'd love for you to get in touch. We can be super-flexible about working arrangements, and firmly believe in paying well for a job well done. The work would be on a casual basis for now, but we're always open to discuss other possibilities.

These are the types of thing you can expect to face:

  • Games not turning on
  • Games playing blind
  • Monitors shutting-down after half-an-hour of play
  • Sounds missing during game-play
  • Graphical glitches

If you'd like to give us a shout and get involved, please drop us an email to

A note on fixing old arcade machines

Keeping these old machines running can be a fascinating and incredibly rewarding hobby. You have to be careful (there can be some dangerous voltages hiding inside these cabinets, even when they're unplugged), but if you're willing to learn there's some great support to be found. Keeping over thirty machines running on our own would be way too much, even with the support we've already had from the amazing people listed below, but if you're thinking of getting a game or two of your own then you'll find there are answers out there for most of your questions…

UKVac A community of remarkably experienced, thoroughly approachable and exceptionally helpful arcade collectors and enthusiasts.

Retro Games Party Based in Lancashire, otherwise we'd send every single cab there to be bullet-proofed!

Retro Clinic The type of game PCB fixing-fu that leaves us gobsmacked. We don't even pretend to understand what he does, we're just glad he does it. 

John's Arcade An incredible wealth of technical tips and knowhow on YouTube

Pool Snooker Leisure Based down-south, so just down the road from us, and extremely generous with both advice and support

Ross Andrews