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The One Where Ross and Paul Hire A Van

There was a point when we thought we had enough games. That was it! We’re were done. As far as cabs were concerned we were ready for launch. We could now focus on sorting out all of the stuff for the cafe/bar. In typical fashion this wasn’t the case at all as the complete opposite ended up happening.

It all started when a few people suggested getting hold of Sega Rally. It was a game we were very familiar with but we weren’t too fussed about picking one up. It played on our minds though as we were fully aware of the popularity of the game. Then as luck would have it, a Sega Rally became available and it was local too! One eBay sale later and it was ours. We needed to scoop this one up quickly so we decided to pick it up ourselves. This was a new venture for us. Previously we had used professional movers to pick up our cab purchases but we figured we could hire a van and make the 150 mile round trip.

There and back again.

There and back again.

So here’s how we did it (if you find yourself doing the same thing one day).

Hired a van - Well, yes. This bit is obvious but we had to ensure that we hired the right van for the job. We were initially looking at a long wheel base van but this would have been way too big for what was required. Our Sega Rally cab was roughly 2 metres tall and a short wheel base van turned out to be 2.3 metres long. This was a perfect size plus it would be much easier to drive.  Top-Tip: When hiring a van take photos of every side of the van when you collect it, that way you have proof of how the van looked before you took it away. Top-Tip 2: If your van hire service includes insurance always check the excess. If they offer improved insurance with a lower excess for a few quid extra - TAKE IT! We paid an extra £7 for more comprehensive cover and a £75 excess. Had we not taken it our excess would have been £1000!

Picked up some transportation tools - Our seller gave us a heads up that the cab was a bit of a beast so we purchased a heavy duty trolley to help us move it. A good trolley or sack truck is essential when moving a cab. You’ll need something that can take around 80 kg. We also got hold of some transport straps to secure the cab to the trolley and also hold the cab in place once it was in the van. Of course it also helps to take someone with you to help you move the cab.

We figured that the cab would lie on its back once loaded into the van. Some cab collectors strongly advise against this but we know of other collectors who have been laying cabs down in their vehicles like this for years with no issues. We also laid a number of sheets and duvets down on the floor of the van. This was partly to stop the cab from getting scratched but also to soften any vibrations that would occur on the journey back. Without this, vibrations would rattle straight through the frame of the cab and across all of those delicate components inside. Not ideal.

Checked the cab upon collection - When picking up a cab it’s essential to inspect it before taking it away. If it’s working you should be able to have a go on it. This is a good time to check that the controls and display work as expected. It’s also important to have a look inside the cab to check the state of the PCB and the wiring inside the unit. You’ll need to ensure that everything is securely fastened with the cab before transporting it. Our Sega Rally cab had a power supply that wasn’t bolted down so we removed it prior to loading it onto the van. We also checked that the monitor was securely held in place. The very last thing we wanted to happen was for the monitor to fall down onto the pcb and have everything smash into bits. Most importantly, if there are keys for the cab double check that you have them before you leave.

And that was pretty much it. With a bit of planning via Google Maps we found our way to our purchase with no problems. We put on our best strong-man faces to get the cab moved and we also made it back in good time to the point where we could drop the van off on the same day. Another top-tip: If dropping the van off during out-of-hours make sure you take photos of the van before you leave it on site.

The cab is installed in our storage space and it’s fully playable. It's got a few graphical glitches which we knew about when we bought it. We have an idea of what to check first in order to try and fix it so fingers crossed that'll sort it. It's perfectly playable though and you know what? We're glad we got it. It's a bit of a corker!

Paul Carr